Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vroom, Vroom!

I first noticed this vacuum back in the spring of this year when my Mom and Grandmother each bought one. 

They have each had cordless vacuums before and some of them have been good and some have been not so good. As with any experiment such as this, I wanted to see what it was like after a few months of their testing. Well, come June they were still giving it great reviews and I got one as a birthday present! Wahoo! Yes, I got very excited over a vacuum for a birthday present. :)

Now several months of my testing has yielded fabulous results.

  • It holds a charge for more a decent period of time
  • Lightweight
  • It has a swivel head the maneuvers around corners with ease
  • Great suction

  • I wish the head came off of the body to allow more of a "dust buster" type of head for picking up nastiness of off chairs and higher surfaces. 
That's it.

*I was not paid or asked to provide this review. All thoughts and opinions are strickly my own.

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  1. Megan sorry we can have everything in one machine. But-t-t-t-t in your SPARE TIME, why don't you invent something like that for all of us!!!! I will be the first to buy one. Love Grams