Monday, October 22, 2012

Golf Tournament

Dear Dad,

On Saturday, Immanuel held its Invitational Tournament. I know, its been a few years, but they brought it back. Actually, it was in remembrance of you. It was Gary and Doug's idea and a pretty good one at that.
You know, Mom made the comment that it was so quiet on the course, and she finally understood what you meant when you said that you did your best thinking on the course.
On the way to the course, Derek was asking me if you were going to play on "Daddy's team". I reminded him that you were in heaven with Jesus. He very calmly said, "Its okay, Mommy. He's all better" and without skipping a beat he asked "Mommy, is Papa playing golf in Heaven with Jesus?" At that point I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I told him that if there was golf in Heaven that you would be playing all the time.
You would have been proud to see how many guys came out to play. 10 teams for a total of 40 guys! Chris, Mike, Gary, & Sparky played together. They talked strategy for 2+ weeks. No joke. They wanted to win so bad.
They had the Jack Jones Longest Drive hole. Number 17, actually. Sparky had the longest drive for most of the tournament. He claimed the Senior Tees helped him. Mike and Chris crushed their drives longer than Sparky's actually but theirs were in the rough so they didn't count. Everyone said that longest drive was your favorite. You had the trophies to prove it to. :)

Well, Ronnie actually won it. Yes, he really hit a house through the woods and back into the fairway to win the longest drive. The story was awesome, and I can hear you saying, "come on, really?".
 Gary won the closest to the pin. Big shock, right?
Well, your boys won. Chris, Mike, Gary, and Sparky won by one stroke over Doug's team. They had to sweat it out in the clubhouse since Doug's team was the last off. They won the Jack Jones trophy. I know you are proud of your favorite golfing buddies.
Chris and Mike played so well. They both have you to thank for giving them the golf "bug". I know you were so proud of both of them and you would have been so proud of the way they played on Saturday.
Love you,


  1. Kristi: Love all of the pictures!

  2. Megan, this is such a great tribute to your Dad and for everyone involved with it. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. Love Grams