Thursday, October 4, 2012

Project Grow Grass & The 3 Complications

What started out as a simple idea, turned into something so much more. Isn't that always the case?

Simple Idea: Get rid of the sandy dirt/soil and grow some grass.

Complication #1
The dirt turned out to be really firm and the quality of the dirt was awful. So, we thought this was an easy fix and rented a tiller. Chris tore up that section of the yard and he found wood chunks, screws, and lots of rocks. According to our neighbors, our lot was never supposed to be developed so the developers didn't put thought or time into our yard. We aren't the original homeowners so we wouldn't have known this.

Complication #2
The scope of the project got bigger. Originally, it was just one section by the side of the road. It ended up being the section by the road, a strip by the driveway, part of the side yard, and the backyard. Yeah, we are the go big or go home type.

Complication #3
With the poor soil quality discovered and the dirt dug up, we had loam delivered to fix the soil quality issue. Well, the loam doesn't just spread itself. My wonderful hubby cleaned up the soil and then spread the loam (with his little helper).

At this point we were somewhat back on schedule, but then again we didn't set a schedule, and even if we did it would have been shattered beyond recognition.

Next, came seeding and adding a light layer of loam.
Little sprouts after 5 days
All in all, Chris put in about 20-24 hours working on this project. So far we are seeing little green patches which is encouraging considering all the effort put into this project. Also, so Chris doesn't have to go outside and water every night, God has sent a wonderful, steady rain and so far it hasn't washed the seed away.
Bigger sprouts as of yesterday morning


  1. Chris I did not realize you were in the landscaping business. Do you want to come and do mine next??????????????? Grams

  2. Grams, I made an attempt and we will see how is goes. What do you need do in your yard? Chris