Friday, October 19, 2012

Derek and the "Widdle Apple"

Derek is obsessed with small things. So, when we went apple picking, it didn't surprise us that he wanted a "widdle" apple just like he wanted a "widdle punkin".
Well, he found one, and it was rather cute. I can't remember the last time I have seen one so small. It was about half the size of the ones you would see in the grocery store. Here is a size comparison against my lens cap. It was the only thing I thought to grab at the time.
Well., it made it home and in the house and before the van was unloaded he started to eat it.
He has seen us eat whole apples before, but he has only ever had apple slices so it was interesting to watch him try to bite through the skin.
He did bite through the skin. If you look hard at the picture with the lens cap, you will see the bite marks.
He only wanted a few bites and then gave it to me to finish. The skin was a tad, bitter but not bad by any means. This is his "I'm done with this face"
Gotta love my goof ball!


  1. Megan was it the skin that Derek did not like? Or is it the Granny apple?
    I know he loves pickels and lemons. Does he eat it peeled? Grams

    P.S. Good luck tomorrow Chris!!!!!!!

  2. The skin wasn't what he was expecting since he normally eats apples peeled.

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    1. I haven't heard anyone else having any issues. Sorry that the site is so slow to load.