Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Brooke is 16 months old today! Where has time gone? Since I write some of the hilarious things that Derek says/does, I figured it was long overdue to document some of the things that Brooke says/does.
She is talking. She says "momma" "dadda" and her version of "derek". She also says bear, moo, ball, please, no, food, and several other words.
She loves to laugh and smile; its quite contagious.
She loves to mimic people's actions. Its rather funny what she chooses to mimic. Her favorite would be dancing or doing whatever Derek is doing...like using the potty.

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  1. Adorable. You will have to tell her GeeGee has a BOO puppy that she will have to come and see. Bet she will like him!!!!!!!!!!!!