Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pinterest Busters

Chris thought I needed to rename my weekly Pinterest posts from Tried and True to Pinterest Busters. It stems partially from the fact this weeks post is a Pinterest fail.

Lest you think that Pinterest has only ideas that work, here is one of the fails. I needed to frost some mini cupcakes for Derek's Sunday School class. I saw online that if you use a hand mixer to whip air into a can of frosting it will double the amount of icing. I figured it was worth a shot.

Here is shot of my before and after bowl.

Even though there is more icing on the side and was a tad fluffier, it didn't seem that there was more icing or any difference in taste. As Chris described it, "the only thing there was more of was dishes" and since our dishwasher hasn't been working for a while that's not a compliment. At least the end result turned out cute.

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