Friday, July 20, 2012

Hair Bows Makeover Tutorial

Brooke received some cute corker hair bows recently to match several of her outfits. I had some spare time tonight (a rare treasure) and I decided to give them a little makeover. The problem with the hair bows is that they were attached to a hair clip that will never work with her hair. She has very fine and thin hair like I do and they will never stay in her hair.

First, I gathered all my hair making tools for the project. I needed the hair bow, ribbon, hot glue gun, and hair clip.

Next, I needed to remove the hair bow from the original clip. I needed to cut the bow where it was sewn onto the clip without cutting the bow.

Then, I needed to hot glue the ends of the middle ribbon together so that the bow doesn't fall apart later.

Next, I needed to add the ribbon to the new clip to provide some "traction" when Brooke wears the hair clip and to make it prettier to look at. I did this by hot gluing the ribbon to the clip.

Then, it was time to add the corker bow to the clip with hot glue and let them dry overnight before Brooke wears them.

Tada! Finished Hair Bow Makeover!


  1. Good job Megan how does Brooke like the new bow?

    Thank you for the lovely thank you note. I have never received one that I liked better. How in the world did you get all those pictures on the note? Did you do it or did you have to send them off. What ever I love it.

    Love to you all Grams

  2. Yay for fine thin hair...lol. Cute stuff!!