Saturday, July 14, 2012

Derekism (pt 2)

Derek has grown up so fast! He has been at VBS all week and it has made for quiet mornings with just Brooke. Its a weird feeling. Here is the cutie the other day right before VBS!


Derek Version = Reality

Whoopie Pops = Whoopie Pies

Chick-O-Lay = Chick-Fil-A

Ar-diddo = Armadillo

A-dent-ur = Adventure

Cut Cut = Scissors

Garb-a-que = Barbeque


Conversation at dinner (upon learning Martin's will no longer take groceries to the car unless asked)

Mommy: "And that is why we shop at Kroger"
Derek: "Ok, Mommy. OK! We go Kroger"

Conversation while leaving to go out

Derek: Mommy, you 'got something?
Mommy: What did I forget?
Derek:  Don't forget to kiss Daddy (which I didn't but he must have missed it.)

Conversation at nap time

Derek: Mommy, where you going?
Mommy: Downstairs.
Derek: Don't do the dishes downstairs. Save them for Daddy to do.

Conversation at bedtime 

(ie Derek stalling)

Derek: "Mommy, what you going to do?"
Mommy: Clean up the kitchen from dinner, Derek.
Derek: Why you make a mess at dinner?

Ahh, Son, if you only knew....


  1. Derek you make a great looking cow. Hope you enjoyed your free meal. G G

  2. That. is. hilarious. Love that little guy and I can't wait to be his aunt!! ;)