Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pantry Closet Part 2

I am so excited to show you Chris' hard work adding a bottom shelf to our pantry. (Here we talked about finding the missing pantry pieces) We thought this would be a "simple" project but it didn't turn out to be so simple. Chris ended up having to remove the other shelves in order to add a shelf to the bottom and when you remove the shelves it means taking everything off the shelves.

Here is a shot of what our kitchen looked like. It always has to get messy before it gets better.

Chris contemplating the easiest way to put it back together.


Shelves back in....Doesn't that bottom shelf look so pretty!

Pantry put back together. You would never know that we added a shelf but it has made a huge difference to be able to see things better.

Thanks babe! You're THE man!

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