Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy 1 month!

Our blog is 1 month old! Its hard to believe that we have been doing this "blogging thing" for an entire month. We've greatly enjoyed being able to share more about our lives and the crazy things our family does.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Sears Trip

We recently purchased a pressure washer from our local Sears. I went on my day off, so I had both kiddos with me. Derek and  Brooke where fascinated with all the riding lawn mowers. Derek made it his objective to "drive" each one, but Brooke gave him a run for his money. Oh by the way the pressure washer is AWESOME!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sprinkler Time

With summer temperatures rising daily, and with the amount of time we like to spend outside it was time for some water time. The kids inflatable pool was getting old and Derek kept asking to play with the sprinkler. So we decided to water the plants and play outside. Two for the price of one!

Yes, Derek is wearing a sweatshirt and a swimsuit outside. He said it was too cold outside and yes, it was in the high 90's when we went outside.
He was very timid around the sprinkler but he soon realized if he picked it up and aimed it at Mommy and Brooke they would both scream. Don't worry, when we were cleaning up he got soaked when the hose was disconnected from the sprinkler. :)
All in all, it was a refreshing way to spend the afternoon, even if we were all soaked. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tried and True from Pinterest

I've tried several things from Pinterest and some work and some don't. I received several criticizing remarks from certain family members who thought this wouldn't work. Well, it does.

Idea: Put a wooden spoon across the top of a boiling pot of water and it won't boil over.

Well, I tried it while making mac and cheese for the kids the other day. While, I do not intend to let my pot of water boil over, it has been known to happen in the midst of potty training, filling sippy cups, etc. so the extra backup is definitely nice. So, yes, this actually works.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Golf Outing

Last Monday, I was able to play golf for the first time since September. I went and played Westham Golf Club, a newer course, which currently has 9 holes with the other 9 coming in the fall of 2013. Through the first nine, I was getting the rust off my swing and shot a 53 (higher than normal). The second time around though, all of the rust was off and I shot at 42 (normal).

I would greatly recommend playing this course! It was in great shape and was really fun to play. It was a long course and one that makes you hit accurate shots if you want to shoot a good score. I am certainly looking forward to playing there in the near future.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Date Night: Bonefish Grill

Chris and I went on a much needed date night on Saturday. One of our favorite places to go is Bonefish Grill. It was a wonderful quiet dinner with excellent food.

WARNING: The following pictures may make you hungry.

Chris got his "usual" order which is the Chilean Sea Bass with Mango Salsa and Au Gratin Potatoes. He specifically instructed me to take a picture of the "good side" of the plate, which means the side furthest away from the vegetables. 

I never get the same thing when we go. Its not that I just haven't found what I like, it is the entire menu looks so good. This time I got the Filet of Tilapia Burger which came with a side of homemade chips that were fantastic.

All in all, it was a quiet dinner with fantastic food.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Snack Time in the "Fort"

It was drizzly the other morning so we made a fort underneath the kitchen table. I snapped these pictures while we snack time in our fort.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Birthday Girl

Today is Megan's birthday, and she has been a wonderful blessing to me over the past 10 years. She is the best wife and amazing mother and I am so thankful the Lord has giving her to me to love and protect. Leave a comment and wish her happy birthday.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fun at Monkey Joe's

 I could NOT for the life of me remember where I put my little compact camera with these pictures.

These pictures are from our adventure to Monkey Joe's with Chris' family who was in town for Brooke's birthday. Both kids had a blast and neither child has any fear of heights, slides, or really anything it seems.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DIY Shelf

Recently, we went to a MOPS/POPS night at church. We completed 2 projects and below is one of the completed projects. We built the shelf and then brought it home and stained it to match our bedroom furniture. We hung this in our bedroom above our television. These pictures were taken with my camera phone and they are a tad grainy.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Golf's Sacred Journey

I recently read "Golf's Sacred Journey: Seven Days at the Links of Utopia" This book is about rising golfer named Luke whose meltdown in a recent tournament leads him to the small town of Utopia. While in Utopia  he meets Johnny, a former golf instructor turned small town man. He tells Luke if he gives him 7 days he will get his game back on track. Over the next seven days Johnny leads Luke through an incredible journey that returns him the the fundamentals and gives him a blueprint to follow for each shot. On the 7th day Luke meets Johnny at the course which is adjacent to the cemetery. When Luke arrives Johnny has been digging a grave for a pending funeral. Johnny explains to Luke how he has no clear direction in his life needs to turn to Jesus and bury his old self and start relying fully on Christ, which he does.

After Luke spends seven days in Utopia he is off to play in an amateur tournament. Luke played the first two rounds well and was able to make the cut, but fellow competitor Joe was not as fortunate. Joe did not take missing the cut well and stormed off. Luke with his new found direction decides to go talk with Joe. While over dinner, Luke was able to tell his remarkable transformation to Joe and learn more of Joe's recent personal troubles. Joe was currently separated from his wife and two small children and his anger was driving a wedge between his family. Luke is able to lead Luke to Christ and challenge Joe to tell his wife about his transformation.

On the final day of the tournament Luke finds himself in contention and his playing the best golf of his life. While coming off the driving range on his way to tee off, Luke was stopped by Joe with his wife and two children. Joe had restored his relationship with his family and was going to take time off of golf to commit to his family. Through out his round Luke relied on the see it, feel it, trust it approach that Johnny had instilled in him. As Luke approached the final hole he was tied with heavy favorite, Travis. They both pared the 18th and headed for a playoff. Luke did not waver from his mindset even though Travis made a poor shot. Travis made par while Luke had a chance for birdie and the win. The book ends with the author, David L. Cook leaving uncertainty whether or not Luke made his birdie putt to win the tournament, but does it really matter?

This story is about so much more than the great game of golf. It was about Luke realizing that his life was consumed with golf and how he played determined his mood. Johnny was able to show Luke how to play under control and that life was more than the number on his scorecard at the end of his round. Luke was able to bury the lies that his life was focused on for so long and turn to Christ. This book was an encouragement to me and a great reminder that life is more than the temporal and what really matters is eternal. I encourage you to read this book especially any golfers like myself. If you are not in a reading mood there is a movie based on the book, but it is not as good as the book.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Birthday "Date"

So, Derek and Brooke got to go on their birthday "date" with my Mom the other day. Mom thought that Build-a-Bear would be a cool place to go since neither kid had been there before. Derek likes pretend play and Brooke is attached to soft teddy bears which made this the best choice for both.

Patiently waiting in line with MiMi.

Here Derek is "warming the hearts" that go inside each stuffed animal.

Bathing and brushing his stuffed dog.

Brooke loving her soft teddy and not letting go of it.

All around having a fun time out with MiMi.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Pinned Image

Father's Day. As I dwell on what Father's day means to me, I think about the fathers in my life. My father is bravely and courageously fighting cancer. He has continued to be an such example to me. He has taught me the value of perseverance and how nothing comes without hard work. He has shown by example what unconditional love looks like. Growing up, I wasn't the "easiest" of children, yet he lovely and patiently guided me. I have heard said to me, "you are so much like your father!" and to me that's a compliment.

Then I think of my kid's father, my wonderful husband Chris. Without question, he loves them and me. He is so much like my father, its scary at times. He is such a tender and loving father to our kids. He is always willing to stop whenever project he is doing to explain it to Derek or to have him help. Brooke has always had Chris wrapped around her little finger, but he is always ready with a smile and a hug (usually at her beck and call).