Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cruise 2014

Chris and I went away in January on our first cruise. It was AWESOME! We are officially hooked on cruising. We had such a relaxing and enjoyable time. Many thanks and kudos to our moms who watched our kids so we could enjoy this to the fullest.

So, we kinda went crazy on the number of pictures we took on our cruise. To the tune of almost 550. So even 10% of our pictures would be overkill so I am posting the link to our Shutterfly photobook instead.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Links I Love: 2.13.14

In the midst of Snowpocalypse 2014, I have been doing some additional reading, some books but mostly articles from the web. The links to the articles below have been especially thought provoking.

Isn't is pretty?

I saw this article today and it was extremely thought provoking. One thing I was taught was to look at the WHOLE picture before making a decision. I can remember my dad playing "devil's advocate" to various research papers I wrote or to "theories" I was testing out. I truly believed it helped me see both sides of an issue and thus creating a more balanced approach to life. The vaccine issue is a HOT topic and I have really good friends on both sides of the issue. 

It is so refreshing to see those that haven't medaled to be gracious and loving in their responses. I have seen this genuineness displayed several other sports during the Olympics. I am grateful that my kids can see that it takes work and dedication to get to the Olympics but also humility and grace when you didn't place where you wanted to. 

I have seen this rude and ungrateful attitude played out so many times recently and this sums up my feelings on the subject nicely. I have found that hospitality to this type of people is especially difficult and frustrating. As a disclaimer, those with actual diagnosed food allergies fall into a different category entirely. I have read several books on food allergies lately and I have found that I have gained a HUGE level of respect to my friends who have kids with allergies and I WANT to show hospitality by learning to cook for them.

I have also been addicted to the Waterlogue app on my phone since we have been snowed in. See why? Pictures from our trip coming soon. :)