Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Baltimore Trip: Day 2

Ok, lets try this again. Sisters, where does this remind you of? Leave a comment with your guess.
The day started off with a trip to the Aquarium.

 I love the aquarium and my favorite part is what they refer to as Pier 3. This is where the sharks, sting rays, exotic fish, and the rain forest are housed. I distinctly remember this section from when we visited when I was a little girl and it hasn't changed since then. We discovered while talking to the volunteer divers (now isn't that an awesome volunteer position!) that this section would be closed starting the next week so they could repair the structural issues with the concrete as well as create a new exhibit called Blacktip Reef. They had removed most of the stingrays but we still had a nice sampling of fish to look at.
This turtle has 3 legs (or 2 legs and 1 arm) and her name is Calypso.

We did part of the Jellyfish section but not all of it. This is on the ceiling of the cafe. The rest of the Jellyfish pictures will be tomorrow.
Derek's favorite part of the aquarium was to look out the window at the various boats in the harbor. His favorite one to find was this one. Big shocker.
Instead of finishing the Aquarium in the afternoon, we went to Port Discovery Children'ts Museum because it was the last day for their Mr. Potato Head Exhibit which we did NOT want to miss. This reminded us of our trip to the Boston Children's Museum.
My Mrs. Potato Head.
Chris and Mom's Mr and Mrs. Potato Heads. We didn't get a picture of Derek's since he destroyed it before the camera was even turned on. Oh well.

They had an awesome drying wall in the wet room. It had blowers and a heat lamp so you didn't have to walk around it wet clothes. Smart idea!

Check out where the train tickets were for...

This was a snowboarding/skateboarding simulator machine and both kids did great and stayed on it!

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