Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Chris

Last week was Chris' birthday. He got cards, text messages, and calls from family (including my Mom who was in Isreal!). He got to pick the menu and he chose pizza, specifically Vocelli's pizza, which is a local place not far from out house. He got to watch the sport channel during dinner, but it was quickly turned off because it was making him agitated since Wes Welker decided to go to Denver and it was all over the sports news channels.
Even though he is leaving the bank at the end of the month the girls at his office wanted to do something special and decorated the office for him.
He has been enjoying his birthday goodies, specifically brownies and whoopee pies. I'm glad he doesn't share or I'd really hate the number on the scale.

Happy Birthday Babe!


  1. Chris I like Woopie pies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grams

    1. Don't feel bad Gram, I only got 1 bite! :)