Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fun in the NH snow

For Derek the highlight of our trip to NH was the snow. He talked about it for over a week before we left. It was no surprise that all he wanted to do was to play in it every day and build a Frosty. The snow was straight powder and since the weather wasn't above freezing it wasn't melting and helping our cause. So, Papa got the garden hose out and turned the powder into Frosty making snow.

Derek surprised us and loved to play outside for hours on end. He made snow angels and went sledding and even rode the four-wheeler. 
The first day when he woke up he asked if the snow was still there. Yep, he is a southern boy where the snow melts overnight.

And Brooke wasn't that into making Frosty. She just wanted to eat the snow. :)

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