Wednesday, March 27, 2013


With Brooke becoming increasingly more verbal, this segment has been renamed "Kidisms".

Context: Chris yelling out the window at the squirrel to get off the bird feeder
Derek: Why you do that?
Chris: Why did I tell "Curl" to get off the bird feeder?
Derek: Yes
Chris: Because that food is for the birds
Derek: That makes "Curl" sad

Derek: Blue eyes can see in the dark
Megan: Can brown eyes see in the dark?
Derek: No only blue eyes can. Brown eyes can only see in the daytime.

Megan: Brooke, where are we going?
Brooke: Gigi's howse (house)
Megan: What are you going to do at Gigi's house?
Brooke: Pway (play) oys (toys)

Context: We put a cup on the deck to catch the snow that is falling. 
Derek: Waiting is hard.
Megan: Yes it can be. Do you know another word for waiting. Have you heard of the word patience?
Derek: Let's play a game while we wait for patience.

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