Monday, March 11, 2013

Its been a while...

Its been a crazy month at our house. Yes, this post sounds like what you would read on a Christmas card but it helps to bring us to the present.

Chris: Accepted an offer and will be leaving Union First Market after 6+ years. He starts his new job April 1st but it will require a certification so he has/will be doing a lot of studying to pass that. He sprained his ankle about 3 weeks ago so he hasn't been able to play soccer and has been taking it easy lately.
Megan: Almost finished with her 5th benefits renewal at work. Benefits renewal for HR folks is like tax season to accountants. Lots of late nights and deadlines. She has been reading non-stop since she read something about reading reduces stress. She has read 21 books (and endless magazines) since January 1st and blew through her goal of 15 books for the year.
Derek: Lately he has been showing his creative side with building and creating various things out of legos. He also wants us to work one-on-one with him practicing his letters and numbers and "do school". He never ceases to amaze us with what he puts together and funny things he says (more Derekism posts to follow).
Brooke: She is talking nonstop! She has quite the personality and the more she talks the more we are beginning to see her spunky independent side. She is our dare devil and provides us with at least one "heart attack moment" a day.


  1. Megan and a Chris great pictures and I do enjoy them.

    Chris I wish you the very very best with your new up coming job. What is the name of your new company and where is it locted? Grams

  2. I agree withh Grams, Work hard while enjoying what you do and believe in. I tell my fellow co- workers, climb the ladder and go for promotions, your hard work will pay off for both you and your employer. Good to hear all is well with your family. Uncle Richard B.