Monday, June 3, 2013

April Review

In order to attempt to "catch-up" on life, I am going to do two mega posts. 

April started off with our first yard sale. Chris wasn't anticipating that we would sell much and was skeptical for the first couple of hours but we did really well and were very thankful to clean out our attic and garage.

The following weekend we were cheering Mom on her first 5k. The 5k goes right by our church and it is a great place to cheer since you see folks go by around mile 2 and then again at mile 4. We missed Mom go by mile 2 but we were ready when she came by mile 4. Way to go Mimi!

Dress up is a big deal around here and here are our cute cowboy and cowgirl.

April finally showed warmer weather and we spent a great deal of time outdoors with sidewalk chalk and the water table.

Chris has turned the area under the power lines and his private driving range and the kids think its awesome fun to hit golf balls like dad.

There is lot of reading in our house and I love this picture of Derek.

April was a transition month for us. Chris started a new job on April 1st and one of the requirements was to complete a financial certification. Chris got his study materials in March and was studying every spare minute for his test along with adjusting to our new family schedule. Chris' work hours changed with his new job and now he is home for two meals a day! With his previous job we were lucky to have three family dinners together a week. He passed his test on April 25th. YAY! So proud of you babe!


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