Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Down by the Lake

This past Saturday, we went to a kids consignment sale to look for a few things. The church that was hosting the sale is right off a lake so instead of taking the kids into the mayhem, Chris took them down to the lake to check out the boats and other fun stuff.

These guys were especially friendly and came right up to the kids to see if they had any food but thankfully they didn't nip at the kids.

 They even let Brooke follow them on their walk.
They can be so nice and loving towards each other sometimes.
We took a walk around the lake when I was finished shopping and stumbled upon this playground. The kids were in hog heaven!

We let the kids run around and get all their energy out while we were waiting for the 1/2 off sale. Most things that don't sell at the consignment sale are marked 1/2 off and then they reopen to try and sell as much as they can. We had our eye on this jogging stroller and since I had been stalking researching on Craigslist, I knew that even at full price it was a great deal but we didn't feel right about it since we haven't done a ton of running since Chris sprained his ankle and we didn't need more "stuff".

So, we finished at the park and Chris got in line a few minutes before the 1/2 off sale started. He sent me a text message that he was in line about 3 minutes after the sale started and I assumed he was still in line to go into the sale. Then, I saw him come out the door with the stroller and I was surprised.

This is something that I had wanted, since I really hate running by myself at night (yes, I am a wimp about being cold) but there is no way we were going to spend $100-$300 on a double running stroller. I am so thankful that God provides for our wants as well as for our needs. This stroller is in almost new condition with no stains or rips and brand new brakes for $34!
Ok, so Derek was frustrated with me for taking so many pictures of him and I caught this one. He looks so grown up in this picture. I know that he keeps reminding me that he is going to be 4 on his birthday but I guess I didn't believe him until I saw this. Oh my. He is growing up too quickly.

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