Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Yankee Candle Store

 Another place that I really wanted to stop at was the Yankee Candle Flagship store. We drive RIGHT by it and you can see it from the road. They were smart enough to put the gas station past the parking lot to tempt you to go in. :) Chris gave me a strict time limit since we were on our drive home so I flew through the store (which is deceptively huge!). 

While I was running around like a mad woman shopping, Chris took the kids to the toy store inside. 
These are not real people, but wax people who sing country songs every so often in the cafe area. They really thought this store out. There is a kids area to keep the kids busy while Mom shops and a cafe and comfy chairs for Dad with entertainment. Smart designer.

Back to shopping, I thought of my sister when I smelled this beauty. I think you might like it more than you realize. :)
This was on the 70 percent off rack and there is a very good reason. Its awful! And it doesn't remotely smell like wood or a woodshop or even leather like the picture might indicate.
The store had all kinds of unique items in it from cows to trains going around the ceiling. 

Their test kitchen in the cooking section was cute. I was there were samples, but one can wish, right?

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