Friday, January 18, 2013

King Arthur Flour

One of the places that I really wanted to go when we were in NH was to go to King Arthur Flour. It was about an hour drive away in Norwich, VT, which wasn't too bad of a drive at all.
It was a nice snowy day so going to a place and the drive was beautiful. Their facility is new and it a beautiful facility. The exterior is a combination of wood and tin. In the picture below the store is on the left and the classrooms are on the right. 
Once we arrived, it smelled like freshly baked bread. Who wouldn't love that smell?!?!
This was right as you walked in. The cafe is behind this sign, the store is to the left, and the classrooms and bakery are to the right.

I could have spent way more time and money in the store, but I came with a list and tried not to deviate too much. :) Behind the registers was this huge wood sign, which was gorgeous.

I didn't take too many pictures in the store because I was focused, but here is one that Chris snapped while he was waiting for me to make up my mind about something probably.
And because we needed to take a pit stop before we drove home, I got to check out the awesome bathrooms, which naturally had kitchen decor everywhere.
All in all a fun place to visit with some cool new stuff to try out on my family. 

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