Monday, January 7, 2013

We're Back!!!! (with a tacky sweater)

After a much needed break, we are back to blogging again. We had a wonderful time enjoying friends and family. It was a wonderful time to reflect on this past year. We have a lot to be thankful for and especially for God's faithfulness.

Instead of starting off the our year with endless posts about goals and New Year's resolutions, we will share about places we went, things we did as a family, projects, and of course cute things that our kids did. You may see some of goals pop up over here but we will start with the warm and fuzzy stuff first. :-)

So we will dive right in...

Chris' office decided to have a "tacky sweater day". He knew about it for at least two weeks and the day before mentioned he needed to stop at Goodwill on his way home from work. He honestly thought he could just walk in and find a "tacky sweater" the day before. I checked the Goodwill by my office to no avail and then he checked the two near his office. After deciding he couldn't find anything, he picked up a red sweater from the women's department. A quick phone call later, we decided that we would make a tacky sweater. I gave him a list of some essentials to find at the craft store down the road and he came home with just jingle bells.
After the kids went to bed, I dug out all kinds of craft supplies since I didn't really know where to go with this sweater. We have an animal cookie cutter set and Chris traced and cut out two moose from some scrap felt. After hot gluing them, I started gluing the jingle bells. We had to compromise on the placement of the bells because I wanted them on the arms and wrists but Chris said that would be too annoying/tacky. Um, isn't that the point?? Here is the final product.
And here is the whole office.


  1. Hey Chris and Megan are you going to market these sweaters?????? Good job. Grams

    1. Nah! I think we are going to stay out of the tacky sweater market for now.