Thursday, June 6, 2013

May Recap

While April was the month of transition, May was the month of weddings. So early May brought us my sister Kristi's wedding. The wedding was outdoors and the weather was beautiful with a slightly overcast sky (a fabulous thing for wedding pictures).

Both kids did a fabulous job with their "jobs" in the wedding.

 And we all had a wonderful time eating and dancing at the reception. 

The following weekend we packed up and headed to New Jersey for Chris' brother JJ's wedding. It was a sixish hour car ride north and the kids did beautifully.
Enjoying hotel life

 Derek's favorite part was the pool. He still asks if he can go swimming in it.

Derek did an awesome job helping to carry the sign in the wedding.
Brooke and I had lots of girl time to get ready for the wedding without the boys.
 The happy couple

The rest of our month were doing things like playing, mulching, and grilling outside.

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  1. Love all the pictures thank you for sharing. Love GiGi