Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Our First Bedroom Painting Project

As part of our DIY projects, we decided to paint our bedroom. This was the first time that we painted the room where we slept. With our previous painting projects, we have been able to retreat to our room from our painting. This was the first time where we couldn't retreat from the mess. As with any new project, we learned new stuff about each other like when you have to move the bed away from the wall and 6 inches to the right to paint the ceiling, it could drive one of us a tad nuts. :-) Its never dull in our house.

Here are some before pictures.

We repainted three walls and the ceiling with the same color, Antique White. We still had original builders grade paint so we went with a higher grade paint for better durability. We did quite a bit of painting in the evening so the lighting for these pictures is rough.

Yes, we did leave the pictures up on the accent wall until we could decide on the exact color. For the wall behind our bed we chose to do an accent wall with textured paint which I will show in more detail later.
Finally done with the walls and ceiling! And what kind of parents would we be if we didn't show our cute "helpers"

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