Friday, November 30, 2012

Accent Walls and Textured Paint

As part of our Master Bedroom painting project, we decided our room needed a little umph. Our room gets very little natural light so if we were to paint it a color darker than its antique white it would look like a cave, and not in a good way. So, we decided to paint just the wall behind our bed. I had been campaigning for textured wallpaper, but Chris didn't want to deal with wallpaper so textured paint won. We went with  Valspar brushed suede paint from Lowe's. It was the right blend of color and subtle texture.

The instructions had you roll on the first coat and brush on the second coat. Chris rolled the first coat and it went on FUNKY. It had spotty coverage and you could see every spot of the roller made as you can see in the picture below. We considered painting another coat on, but decided to follow the directions exactly. No, it wasn't the way Chris rolled it because I intently watched it and it was all paint.
To paint the second coat, the directions instructed us to use a 4 inch brush and brush in a combination of short and long X's. The second coat went on so much better! In the picture below, the paint is really wet so it didn't dry with that much texture but it gives an idea of what it looked like.
The end result is awesome! The paint had a type of grit in it which left a physical texture in addition to the textured look.
So here is the before...
and after!


  1. Really looks great Megan nd Chris!!!!!!!!! GeeGee