Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Its about time for another round of Derekisms. Derek never ceases to make us laugh with what he comes up with and we like to share our amusement so here goes.

Conversation 1: Derek upon entering our room early one morning.

Derek: Daddy, I growed so much my bed is too short. 
Chris: Derek, you have a full size bed. I highly doubt you outgrew it overnight.

Conversation 2: Derek's reaction to finding out that we were going out to dinner that night.

Derek: Daddy, this place is stinky-pee-you-e
Chris: They have chips and salsa
Derek: Ok. We can go in now.

Conversation 3: Derek walking into our bathroom one morning

Derek: Daddy, you cough.
Chris: Yes I did, Derek.
Derek: You have to cover your mouth when you cough even in the shower.

Conversation 4: Derek after waking up from a very long nap

Megan: Hey bud. Are you awake?
Derek: Mommy, you have pretty brown eyes. I have blue eyes.

Conversation 5: Derek upon seeing a van with a Christmas tree on top

Megan: Derek, what does that van have on its roof?
Derek: Why do they have a tree on their top? Christmas trees come from the aggic [attic] and then we put decorations on them.

Conversation 6: Derek at breakfast

Chris: Eat your breakfast
Derek: I have to stir the cheerios until they are dizzy before I can eat them.

We don't make this stuff up folks!

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