Thursday, August 2, 2012

Derekism - Olympics Version

We are slightly addicted to watching the Olympics and hearing Derek's version of what is going on is hilarious and its only been a few days.

Fireworks light up the stadium Source

Derek: They are sword fighting. Are they pirates?

He thinks that swimming caps are helmets and that their swimsuits look like underwear.
He always yells at the TV "Go Boy Go!" (doesn't matter what gender) and "they are going to jump in the big pool!"

Ping Pong/Table Tennis
Derek: What they doin'? 
Dad: Playing ping-pong
Derek: That not a sport. We watch my movie now.

General Dinner Conversation:
Mom: Derek, are we going to watch the Olympics tonight?
Derek: I going to be in the Olympics.
Mom: Really? What sport are you going to do?
Derek: All of them


  1. GO DEREK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be watching you I HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!G.G.