Friday, August 10, 2012

An afternoon at the park

The other day we went to the park with the kiddos. It was funny to see their personalities come out and see just how different they really are.

Brooke is a dare devil. ALL she wanted to do was to go through the tunnels and down the slides. The slides were her favorite especially the big ones.

Yup, she was a hot sticky mess at the end, but she was one happy girl, and just to clarify Derek gave her the nice red mark between her eyes. Still working on being a "loving brother".

Derek, while he has a wild side, was very content to play in the sand. He LOVES sand, rocks, dirt, etc. The park we went to has a nice setup with two tables full of sand, a wall with various wheels and holes to fill with sand and a huge sand pit. Derek was in sand heaven.


  1. Megan, which park was this? Looks neat. Grams