Monday, June 4, 2012

Childproofing with the Clark Kids

Childproofing is a joke in our house. The things we have attempted to keep our kids of is quite a list but the ways in which we have had to do it are a tad ridiculous. We have gone through 2 different kinds of door knob locks, 2 different kinds of outlet plugs, an oven lock, and cabinet locks to name a few. The most ridiculous part is that Chris and I get hurt/annoyed/frustrated more than they do.

Brooke loves to climb...especially up the stairs. The bottom of our stairs does not allow us to safely install a baby gate. So we had to get creative and this is what we came up with.

Remember when I mentioned earlier that we get hurt more than they do? Last night I was going upstairs to bed and I stubbed REALLY hurt all the toes on my left foot trying to go upstairs thanks to do the chairs. And you ask why the stairs light wasn't on? That's a good question. Just ask Mr-Leave-No-Lights-On Chris.

So, never have I been so glad that the UPS driver left us this box on our porch! Even Derek was excited...until he realized it wasn't a bike.

Now, we have an awesome baby gate to prevent Brooke from climbing up the stairs and another way that Chris or I could get hurt.

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