Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Derek has begun putting sentences together and having conversations with us. Sometimes hilarious and sometimes serious. He is also keenly aware of what other people are saying or expressions they use. We have heard a few things we would rather him not repeat.

"Curl [Squirrel], get in my pool so I can say no" Let me elaborate here. First, Derek has befriended the squirrels that frequently visit the back deck. He thinks it is just one squirrel...his friend "Curl". Actually, its more like a herd of squirrels. I have seen all shapes and sizes, mating and baby squirrels. If you notice in the above picture there are two squirrels. To Derek, they are both "Curl". Second, we have a small inflatable pool that the kids play in. It is on its last leg and since we inflated it yesterday, almost all of the air has gone out of it. Its nothing special.

"Daddy, why you have hair on your legs?"

His current favorite expression is "O, man!". We have no idea where he picked it up but we hear it all the time.


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