Thursday, May 31, 2012

Children's Museum

Since Chris and I had a long weekend, we decided to make one of the days a family day. Chris and I brainstormed about ideas that the kids would like to do or places they would like to go. We came up with the Children's Museum of Richmond. We usually go to the Short Pump location, but we decided to go to the Central location for a change. When we got there it reminded us of the Boston Children's Museum that we visited last month.

This was one of Derek's favorite things. It was a wind tunnel of sorts where you inserted the mesh rag and the "wind" would suck it up and go through the various tunnels and then spit it back out. 
Derek and Daddy "fixing the car" by adding windshield wiper fluid and antifreeze. Don't worry the containers didn't actually contain liquids, just little rocks to make the kids think they were actually repairing the car.

Brooke playing doctor to the baby dolls. She did a great job checking their ears and wrapping them up in blankets.

There was a news station where kids could pretend to be news anchors. Brooke played the anchor and Derek and Daddy were the camera crew. They even had monitors with a live feed so you could see yourself. 

And then there was Daddy favorite spot...the bank. Since Chris works at a bank this wasn't anything new to either of them but they still had a blast. Derek's favorite spot was operating the vault and Brooke was the teller.

Farmer Brooke watered the plants, gathered eggs from the hens, drove the truck, and put the veggies in Farmer's Market stand. She was loving it! She was walking around like a crazy girl! Fisherman Derek on the other hand decided that he would rather be fishing like his Papa.

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